Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Insidious Review

Scary as hell! And only rated PG-13!!!! This movie is freaky deaky. The basic concept is there is a boy in a coma and there are a multitude of spirits trying to inhabit his body. I went in to the movie with low expectations, so maybe that is what made it so good for me. What really did it was the scene in the trailer pictured above, i saw that creepy darth maul looking dude and said I have to see this movie. 

Like most horror movies, I hated the people at first. I thought they were kind of dumb. I mean when stuff starts to get lost into the attic, and you know no one else moved it, it is time to freak out! It wasn't until halfway through I started to feel for these characters. Also I thought it was going to be one of those movies that uses cheap loud screechy music tones and flashes of "ghosts" to scare, but I was surprised when it started to get deeper and more frightening. The ghosts or "entities" if you will, in this movie feel like one of those old ghost stories you hear passed down at camp fires. In one scene you actually see the spirits reenacting the moment that made them ghosts in the first place. Fits with my theory of spirits being stuck in a bit of a loop surround their traumatic event. 

This movie was so scary my wife April was half way through and didn't want to see the rest. For a while now The Grudge has been my favorite PG-13 horror flick, but I think Insidious just took the cake. A must see for anyone who likes scary movies.

5 out of 5 stars.

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