Friday, September 23, 2011

Bad Design Elements

Graphic design programs like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign have become readily available to the masses. Now anyone with the software thinks they are a graphic designer. The ad below has some of the my favorite bad design elements. A large gradient background, magically floating items, and just boring. But there is one more thing I didn't mention, do you see it?

Most people didn't really see the biggest thing with this ad. Most graphically inclined people saw it right away. HIS FREAKIN' HEAD IS MISSING! I understand the most likely what you to focus on the product and not the model, but this isn't a department store manikin, it is a real person. This could have been solved a little more creatively. Here is what I would have done.

I faded the edge a little. Still not a great solution.

I put the products into boxes. I think this works best.
It just looks ridiculous, an all around bad ad in my opinion. Anyone else agree or am I just being picky? Because it seriously looks like the Bride from Kill Bill swooped in and clipped his head off.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Staind Self-Titled Album Review

I think I just stepped into a time machine. Back to 1999 when I first heard Mudshovel and proceeded to buy Staind's album Dysfunction. This is their best outing since then. Not that some of the stuff they have been putting out hasn't been good, but honestly most of it was too soft, or radio friendly for me. I'll never forget the first time I heard Staind on the local hit station K92. It blew me away.

Anyway, lets talk about something good, the new self titled album is awesome! It is heavy, but still has melody. The guitars are tuned super low and the distortion is good and crunchy. The bass his heavy and fat. Aaron Lewis brings back the screaming, did he even do that on the last record? Not that I listen to hard rock for screaming, but Aaron has a great singing voice and a great growl that fits perfectly with the heavier parts of songs.

I'll warn you now, there is a song named Wannabe "featuring" Snoop Dogg, I know, sounds like it doesn't belong. It is actually a really good fast track It follows a slow "Alice in Chains"-ie song, and picks up the flow of the album. I think Snoop has like 2 lines, it actually fits well in the overall flow.

It contains 9 heavy songs and a ballad at the end, much like Dysfunction from 1999. I can't really pick any top tracks, they are all so good. But I will say The Bottom is one of the heaviest, you may have already heard this one, it was featured on the Transformers 3 soundtrack.

Bottom line, buy it.

5 Stars.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Spicy Burger Review

I haven't been to Red Robin much, I have a hard time paying 8 to 9 bucks for a burger, but they taste great! I got the Burnin' Love Burger, it has fried jalapenos, tangy salsa and spicy pepper jack cheese on a cayenne-seasoned burger. I know that sounds like spicy overkill, but it was a great balance of flavor and heat. I don't feel that I had many jalapenos on mine, but I'm sure that varies. I'm glad they wrap these burgers in that paper, because it is kind of a mess, but most things this good are. It isn't low on the calories or fat either, so if you are dieting, plan to blow your points/calories on this one. It is worth saving for all week. If you enjoy spice, get this burger. I give it a 3 out of 5 on a heat scale. 

Calories: 930; Fat: 60g; Carbs: 54g; Protein: 45g

Heat Level


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Preparing the baby's room!

Spent the past two days painting. The pink was a bit neon at first. After the first coat I was washing the brush off in the sink, and everything looked kind of green, like when you have been outside without sunglasses. It took three coats to even out, it looks great. So I thought it would be funny to share this video of me putting the crib together. Enjoy!