Friday, September 23, 2011

Bad Design Elements

Graphic design programs like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign have become readily available to the masses. Now anyone with the software thinks they are a graphic designer. The ad below has some of the my favorite bad design elements. A large gradient background, magically floating items, and just boring. But there is one more thing I didn't mention, do you see it?

Most people didn't really see the biggest thing with this ad. Most graphically inclined people saw it right away. HIS FREAKIN' HEAD IS MISSING! I understand the most likely what you to focus on the product and not the model, but this isn't a department store manikin, it is a real person. This could have been solved a little more creatively. Here is what I would have done.

I faded the edge a little. Still not a great solution.

I put the products into boxes. I think this works best.
It just looks ridiculous, an all around bad ad in my opinion. Anyone else agree or am I just being picky? Because it seriously looks like the Bride from Kill Bill swooped in and clipped his head off.

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